All our events are held on private land (with the exception of the West Riding Road trial) and normally consist of 4 laps of 10 sections. For riders that prefer less difficult sections there are two routes to cater for riders of all abilities.

Non-Club members are welcome to ride one trial as a guest but will not score points towards the Championship.
Unless stated otherwise all events start at 10.30am. Entries are taken on the day up to 10.15 am. Entry Fee is £15 (cash only).


Click on the venue map button below to open google maps in a new window. When the page loads there will be a blue balloon pin pointing the entrance to the venue. You can zoom in and out at your leisure
If you right click the balloon you get the option of getting directions to the venue,simply fill in your home post code.

You can drag the street view icon onto the map to get a picture of the venue,
Alternatively, click on the directions button to get a PDF file with written instructions using pubs as land marks. For the benefit of Sat Nav users the nearest post codes are given. Our venues are quite remote but the post code should put you in sight of a field full of transits.