As Covid restrictions are now being eased by the goverment we have recieved permits trom A.M.C.A to run trials.
Restrictions are in place which means these trails will not follow our usual format and therefore will run as stand -alone trials, not counting towards either of the championships.
As the clerks of the course will now have several more duties to perform and there are no championship positions at stake, the trials will be set with just two routes. Riders that would normally enter the intermediate route should enter on the clubman route but are free to choose to ride the harder route on any section if they would like more of a challenge.
Trials will be limited to 60 riders, entry and payment will be online before the event.There will be no entries taken on the day.
Events will be limited to current paid-up members only. Only riders and officials will be allowed access to the venue. No specators will be allowed.
All club members have been contacted by email and given instructions on how to enter a trial and advised on the restrictions that must be followed during a trial.
It is hoped that venues listed on calendar will be made available by the land owners, and permits will be issued. We will update on a case by case basis.

Permits have been applied for :-

Keighley Gate Sunday 22.11.20

Regs will be sent to members by e mail during the week before the trials.

Club Meetings

Club commitee meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of every month unless as advised differently in the upcoming events.
The venue is no longer the Bronte Hotel in Haworth. The new venue will be made public when Covid conditions improve.
The two paid clerks of course for each up-coming event are appointed at the meeting.COC's are apponted up to 8 weeks before the event. If you would like to set a trial (or just assist) please come to a meeting to register your interest.
Meetings start at 8.00 pm.