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Yorkshire Classic Motorcycle Club Ltd

Club History

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On the 3rd August 1982, a meeting of enthusiasts from both sides of the border met at the Flappit Inn, with the intention of forming a club catering purely for pre 1965 pre-unit, four stroke unit and two stroke motorcycles.


The people present took the decision to form a club catering for the wishes and needs of the ever growing band of riders whose interests were in motorcycles which were manufactured prior to 1965, both for trials and road use.


The main interest would be in organising trials, as near as possible to those held during the period that the machines were manufactured. The aim would be to make these events a pleasure to take part in, rather than a test of endurance.


The club was formed and called “The Yorks. and Lancs Classic Bike Club". Twelve members were elected to form the committee, with monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of each month.

The committee would, of course, be exercising some control to ensure that the points regarding machine eligibility were actually enforced.


The founder members of this newly formed club were:-


Howard Midgley - (Chairman)

John Craven - (Secretary)

Derek Barker - (Treasurer)

Brian Payne

Bob Barker

Burnard Shaw

Roger Cliffe

John Whitaker

Eddie Dolan

Jim Davies

Roy Bonsall

David James

John Rushton

Alan Tillotson


On February 22nd 1992, the name of the club was changed to The Yorkshire Classic Motor Cycle Club and it became a member of the A.M.C.A. This decision was reached by the committee and general agreement throughout the club, due to rising costs and changing policies within the A.C.U.


The committee, both then and now, consists of Chairman, Club Captain, Secretary, Minutes Secretary, two Machine Examiners and twelve committee members elected to stand for three years.


The Yorkshire Classic Motor Cycle Club moved from strength to strength. Sensible sections from a vast amount of perfect terrain were established due to passionate work and effort from a strong committee and large amounts of help and enthusiasm from all members. This resulted in enjoyment and camaraderie amongst all participants.


Gradually, more and more trials were added to the calendar of events, and ever more people came to spectate and join the club. After a relatively short period of time, the Yorkshire Classic Motor Cycle Club grew to be one of the largest and most genuine pre 65 trials clubs, if not in the world, then surely in the U.K.

The Premier Pre-65 Trials Club

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